Der Text von Quiksilver lautet:

Kelly Slater surfing in Mexico and Tahiti in his new no rash Cypher Massive boardshorts with Diamond Dobby DLX. More at

Auf dem Brain Farm Blog erfährt man mehr über die Hintergründe der Produktion:

Brain Farm went to Mexico last fall with the Quiksilver team to capture some ridiculous shots for the new Cypher Board Short TV and web ad campaign. Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, Julian Wilson, and Jeremy Flores were the pros we had the pleasure of working with. For the shoot, we developed the first ever untethered water housing for our Phantom HD Gold that allowed us to get in the water and capture surfing like it has never been seen before.  We also shot with the Varicam 3700 that captured some really nice footage. We did all the post production including for each spot custom sound scores, motion graphics, and sound design in the Brain Farm Studio. The campaign is live with the first spot being the 60 second Kelly Slater. Keep an eye out for more on Surfline, Fuel TV, MTV and around the world…

„Mind Blowing“ Clip würde ich sagen und einfach geniessen…

Bildquelle: Brain Farm

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